Author Promo Spotlight — Angela Carina Barry

Interview with Angela Carina Barry

Guest-post by Angela Carina Barry

Excerpts from Works of Angela Carina Barry


A. Carina Barry has an eclectic writing style that swings like a pendulum between the polar opposites of love and death. Between these two points lies the vast totality of human existence.  She believes that if you can master the themes governing the beginning and end of life, the rest will come to you.  Her short stories are featured in “The Rogues Gallery:  The Illustrated Police News” by Firbolg Publishing.  She currently has “The Under-Circus and Other Tales”, “Lost Heroes 2:  Firefly’s Tale”, and “Lost Heroes 2:  Osprey’s Tale” out as well as a short fan-fiction writing guide.  Her new dark romance “Love at the End of all Things” comes out November of 2014.  When not writing, she enjoys reading, writing, video games, exotic cuisine, and spending time with her pets.



















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