Author Promo Spotlight — Dan Strawn — Reader Reviews

Here is a collection of reviews from readers of author Dan Strawn’s books:



Dan is this amazing guy who writes these period novels and fantastic short stories that will literally just captivate you. … To top it off, Dan won this writing contest that is kind of a big deal!!!

Catherine Stovall, author, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Congratulations Dan on “Son”!!!! Big thumbs up from me!!  … . Loved it & what a great descriptive capture.

Patricia Patterson, Sr. Consultant National Supplier Diversity at Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, California

Congratulations, Dan Strawn! Thank you for setting such a fine literary benchmark.

Dwayne Parsons, Editor,

I like your writing. I’ve just posted a link to your story to a writing group that wants to do family stories – I haven’t heard back from the facilitator yet, but I’m sure the group will like it.

Dianne Smith, Whangarei, New Zealand

I love your style of writing Dan, you tell a story that has meaning, warmth, splashes of humor, and most of all it is told from the heart.

Dorice Dragoo Cosler, Vancouver, Washington

As I finished your Black Wolf tale I had tears in my eyes—and for that I have any number of reasonable suspects. A couple: It touched on experiences I, too, had in Idaho—like kicking salmon out of the deep runs under overhanging banks of the upper Salmon River so my Dad & his fishing buddy could spear them (legal then)) … and being mesmerized by the Indian artifacts in the capitol’s natural history collection; an influence that showed up later in my painting … and the Father (Tom F) and offspring stories we can all find echoing in our families … Good and many thanks.

Mel Strawn

I can’t say enough nice things about your books, Dan. You do a great job, and they’re my kind of books! Fascinating work with a solid plot, and stories that you can read to your parents or your grandchildren without blushing.

Kitty Fleischman, Publisher, Idaho Magazine


If you’ve never read Dan Strawn‘s books, you might want to check them out. Dan is an Idaho treasure.

     Ruth Knox, Boise, Idaho

Just finished Black Wolf’s Return…Loved it Dan! Thank you and keep up the great writing!

                 Kim Lindenberg, Danville, California

. . . . this book (Black Wolf’s Return)  is absolutely excellent…Thank you DAN STRAWN…

    Faith Earl Brown, Salmon, Idaho

…I wanted to let you know that I just finished reading Lame Bird’s Legacy last week.  I always like books that make me laugh and cry, but this one mostly made me cry.  What a great story and you told it so well.  Bravo!

          Diane Wright, Discovery Bay, California

I cried again when I got near the end of the story …! (Isaac’s Gun—An American Tale)

Publisher, Paulette Raye, New Zealand

Hi Dan! I finished reading your novel Isaac’s Gun, and I have to say I loved it . It was very well written, touching; there was suspense, romance and hope—all in all a very enjoyable read. You have a great style, and I liked the first person approach, which can be hard to get right, but you managed it really well.
So thank you for a great story, I will certainly purchase more of your works as soon as I can. Best wishes, Eeva

Author, ER Haze, Finland

I just finished Isaac’s Gun … You get an A. The real hero is not the protaganist who told the story but the old grandpal. What a character!

Reader, Don Mattisson, Vancouver, Washington

I gave Isaac’s Gun to my mother. She wants to know what else you have written.

Author, Cat Stovall, Missouri

Finished book! (Isaac’s Gun—An American tale) Passing to friends with us here in Maui! Great job Dan! Love your writing style! Congrats! Looking for more! Xoxoxox

Reader, Kim Lindeberg, Danville, California

Dan, I’m so impressed with your number of works both written and in progress. I liked Isaac”s Gun very much.

Reader, Judy Enders, Vancouver, Washington

… started reading One Boy’s vision (chapter 2 of Lame Bird’s Legacy). It was very beautiful and I could see all the pictures in my mind. Actually it brought tears to my eyes. So quiet peaceful and beautiful.

         Betty Owens, Houston, Texas

From Anonymous Readers (About Isaac’s Gun—An American Tale)


The ending moved me. Your writing shows a sensitivity to people and their plights.

I loved your book. I was as impressed by the things you chose to leave out as the things you left in. It was obvious that you spent a great deal of time on word and scene selection and that you had good editors.

I loved your husband’s story. I had no idea he could write that well.

I’m two-thirds through Isaac’s Gun and can’t wait to read what happens next.

Isaac’s Gun was an excellent read. Congratulations!

“Your insertions of stateside World War II trivia made me feel like I had lived it.”

“It’s a fun book. I’m about 2/3 finished, and it’s intriguing.”

It’s a really good story and I love the writing style. Simply beautiful.

The ending caught me off guard. I didn’t see that coming.

“I read your book and loved it. Keep ’em comin’!”

…..Loved Isaac’s Gun.  You have a knack for putting the reader in the character’s position….seeing through his/her eyes.  Excellent.

This is a belated opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed your book.

Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your book “Isaac’s Gun.” I read it immediately upon receipt and really enjoyed it. I lost a bunch of sleep (kept reading into the wee hours) when the Sherrill character became a big part of the story. I was totally enamored with her and her family.

Hi Dan, I just finished re-reading Isaac’s Gun.  It is a better than good story and I’m glad your request prompted me to read it through – now I will type up a review.  Dan, I’m impressed with your writing – always knew you were a good writer.





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