Book Review – Stim


One-line sum-up: A heart-warming tale of self-discovery

Rating: 5/5

A young adult novel that revolves around the life of Robert and Chloe, two young college-goers with Asperger Syndrome.
Written by Kevin Berry, published by Waspie Publishing (November 11, 2013)
The story is set in contemporary time frames, in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Did I like it?
Most certainly! Robert and Chloe, who have Asperger’s Syndrome, befriend each other. Chloe doubles up as Robert’s self-appointed therapist as well. The book follows their lives as they discover themselves, each other and the rest of the world. The point of the view of the story is refreshingly original and the readers start looking forward to Robert’s meticulous story-telling that doesn’t leave out the tiniest details, such as the time (to the dot), which, being a trait of the Asperger’s Syndrome, undoubtedly carves the character well. The characterisation is remarkable. Be it Robert, who unabashedly asks questions without mulling them over for a moment in his head, unnerving friends and acquaintances with the way he takes things literally, giving no room for figures of speech, or Chloe, who is so inspiringly sure of herself and is fiercely devoted to her friend, or Stef, the “normal” one in the whole equation, they are each endearing in their special way. Berry’s writing is admirable, with a good flow of narration and a nice control of the language.
What’s the verdict?
The book definitely is in the list of my “I-strongly-recommend-this” list. With a heart-warming tale in a world that has no time to stop, the book deserves a 5 on 5.



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