Over a Cuppa

I have always been pleasantly astounded by the magnitude of genius minds in this world – where one’s passion, interest, and hobbies overlap into haziness and eventually dissolve into one’s identity. Be it music, writing, dancing, photography, or one of those million other things that help a soul bubble with energy and keep a mind alive with a sparkle, I have found it immensely thrilling to listen in fascination to the interests and viewpoints of such genius minds – predictably over a cuppa coffee 🙂 – the coffee bean that I am, you need to make allowances for my coffee indulgences.

So here resides the collection of those talks, conversations, chitchat sessions, argument and repartee sessions, or whatever else we may choose to call them, I had and I would continue to have with the beings of brilliance that I admire. 🙂


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