Author Promo Spotlight: Neil Grimmett

Interview with Author Neil Grimmett

Guest Post by Author Neil Grimmett

Sneak Peek from “THE THRESHING CIRCLE” by Author Neil Grimmet



Neil Grimmett has had over eighty five short stories published – London Magazine, Stand, Panurge, Iron, Ambit, Postscripts Magazine, Pretext, Quadrant and New Contrast among others. He also has stories published in some leading journals of Singapore, India, France, Canada, and the USA – Fiction, The Yale Review, DoubleTake, The southern Humanities Review, Green Mountains Review, Descant, The Southern Review, West Branch and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. He has appeared online in Blackbird, Plum Ruby Review, Tatlin’s Tower, Web Del Sol, In Posse Review, m.a.g., Word Riot, Blue Moon Review, 3AM, Gangway, Eclectica, The Cortland Review, Segue, The Dublin Quarterly , Ducts, Sugar Mule, Mysterical E, Thuglit and over thirty others. His stories have also appeared in these anthologies: ENGLAND CALLING, BOOK OF VOICES and Italy’s ISBN’s Top International Stories. He has made it to the South Million Writers Notable Short Story list for the last three years. In addition, he has won the Write On poetry award, 7 Oppenheim John Downes Awards, 5 major British Arts Council Awards, a Royal Society of Authors award and has been awarded two major grants from the Royal Literary Fund. His current agent is Jon Elek at United Agents.

His first thriller, THE THRESHING CIRCLE, was published on Amazon KDP Select. Followed by the second, THE HOARD.


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  1. So It does seem, thrillers are what sells the most, but Neil Grimmett’s publication list too is awesome! WoW! Thank you RCB for bringing him on your blog!

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