Author Promo Spotlight — Interview with Author Neil Grimmett

How does a typical book get written in your world – what do you start with? 

An idea or scene that will not go away and keeps knocking on the door until I open it!


How would you compare the protagonists of your books with yourself?

There is always a bit of me in one of the characters or more. And not always the heroes.


How would you typically choose the names of your characters? 

Names are a problem. If you were Dickens or Annie Proulx it would be big fun; I try to find names that fit and sometimes sneak a special one in. Byron in The Hoard was a gamble but hasn’t had any adverse reactions, yet.


What’s that one Classic work that you wish had been written by you? 

The Big Sleep.


How would you deal with reviews? 

So far both my novels have got mostly 5 star, so that easy. The bad ones, ignore. And really let them all wash over you.


What’s your favourite writing location? 

My study. Top of the house, private, and filled with books.


What awesome books and projects are you working in at the moment?

A new psychological thriller, THE MUD DANCE. And my first supernatural thriller, working title, CLOOTHILL. Waiting on the first major publisher who has both my novels on an exclusive via my literary agent, Jon Elek at United Agents. Nerve racking to say the least!



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