Book Review – The Cure was Love

One-line verdict: A tale of how true love fabulously overcomes all obstacles and reaffirms itself amidst emotional chaos

Rating: 5/5

Should this book be deemed to be a fantasy, given its entrancing, straight-out-of-a-fairy-tale storyline? Or should we designate it as a rendition of a mellifluous love ballad, that draws two hearts together? This amazing story moves far beyond being restrained into the “romance” term, taking us through the moments of passion, love and emotional dependence of Rudy and Simi.
Written by Reet Singh, for the Mills and Boon Indian Author Collection, the tale sparks off with a life-changing student programme that Simi Gill takes up, which takes her to a land far beyond the seas, where the man of her dreams resides. 
To be released in Nov 1, 2014. The story is set in contemporary time frames, predominantly in USA and ends amidst the delightful colours of India. This review was based on a pre-release copy from the sweet Reet! 🙂
Did I like it?
The novel will make heads turn, for sure! Be it the charming vulnerability of Simi Gill or the rugged emotional conflicts of Rudy Bhatnagar, the characters are absolutely endearing. It’s immensely difficult to not find this formidable book remarkable, if not exquisite. So for the very reason that the book stands for its convictions reinforcing the power of love, yes, I did like it. 
Simi Gill is an ambitious student from India, on an overseas student programme in USA. She ends up owing her life and dignity to Rudy Bhatnagar, an Indian-American living there. Despite being undeniably attracted and pulled towards each other, they both hold their feelings back, owing to several factors that wreak havoc in their minds. The story takes us through their warm romance on one side and the heart-wrenching days that ply them away from each other.

I loved the book’s flowing style of narration. Reet’s mastery of language is a sheer pleasure to read. The ease with which she weaves the plot and builds the pitch is very impressive. If I had one point to pick on, it would be that I would have loved to read more about the depth in the characters of Rudy and Simi, primarily because one just can’t get enough of Reet’s writing! For instance, one can’t ignore that lingering voice that says that there must have been a number of deeper points which led Simi to her always-lurking paranoia, although Simi tries to make it light of it by masking it with Murphy’s laws. As a reader, I’d have loved to read about the characters more through Reet’s style of story-telling.

What’s the verdict?
The book definitely is in the list of my “I-wouldn’t-have-missed-it-for-the-world” list. For making a love story sound this captivating, drenched in many memorable moments, and at the same time not compromising on conventional elements, the book deserves a 5 on 5.




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