Author Promo Spotlight — Sahar Sabati-Safai — Interview

How does a typical book get written in your world – what do you start with? 

An intense curiosity about the world around me combined with an overactive imagination means that I can see just about anything, ask myself the questions why and how, and come up with a potential story right then and there. In fact, I come up with story ideas. The ones that haunt me are the ones that get written.


How would you compare the protagonists of your books with yourself?

Just like with any author, each character in my books carry something of my life with them. Either they share certain characteristics of mine, or they share characteristics of those around me with them.


How would you typically choose the names of your characters? 

Sometimes I start with a name, wonder what someone with a certain name would be like, and what kind of life they would lead. In other cases, the character’s name is obvious, in that the name and the story come together. Other characters are harder to name; there is usually a plethora of choices at the beginning that is narrowed as I get to know the character, until the name becomes obvious.


How would you deal with reviews?

It depends on the review. If it is well written, thoughtful, and as objective as a review can be, then I use it to improve my writing. As for the mean, petty, and very subjective reviews, I choose not to let them weigh me down. After all, there is a lot of subjectivity when it comes to liking a book; when even the classics are not loved by all, how can I expect my books to be?


What awesome books and projects are you working in at the moment?

I am working on two books at the moment. The first is Six Year Later: Musings of an Overactive Mind, which is in a way the memoirs of my blog. It was slated for publication for October 2014, but the date has been pushed back to December 2014. The second is a YA book tentatively titled A Summer of Firsts, in which a sixteen year old young lady finds herself dealing with her first car, her first job, her first service project, her first crush, and her first insights into the fact that her parents’ marriage is not as perfect as it might seem. It is set to be published before summer 2015.

I have been blogging since 2008 and have been working on overhauling both my blogs. The book Six Years Later is, in fact, a result of the reflection involved in the overhaul of Sahar’s Blog. I am back into regularly reviewing books and music on my second blog, Sahar’s Reviews. And of course, a blog overhaul has to come with an overhaul of my Facebook page, while an increase in the number of books I have published and in the number of places my work is started to be featured in requires a writer’s website, which I hope to launch in the upcoming months.



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