Book Cover Reveal — Marie’s Second Chance by Killarney Sheffield

Unveiling the cover for the brand new romance title, “Marie’s Second Chance”, by Killarney Sheffield…

Killarney Sheffield is an award-winning, multi-published author of 15 titles. She is a finalist of the “Epic Award” finalist, winner of the “P&E Award”, and a runner up of “The Great Romance Contest”.

Here’s the author giving us a glimpse of what “Marie’s Second Chance” is all about:

Marie Antoinette. Beheaded in the prime of her life. What if her fate was changed? What if she escaped that night the castle was stormed? What if she was mistaken for a common woman? What if she found herself aboard a convict ship bound for Australia? What if she had a second chance at life and love?



  1. The cover has not opened up for me view, although I thought the author’s note was very interesting. I wonder if it is fiction based on history or pure fantasy?

  2. Hi Samasti,
    The book was based on Marie’s life HOWEVER, I pulled it into the fantasy realm by having her escape beheading which we all know didn’t happen. Why did I do it? Well, I’m a Libra and I just cant stand an unhappy ending! Thanks for commenting,

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