Book Cover Reveal — Sprockets, Silk and Savages by Killarney Sheffield

Unveiling the cover for the brand new romance title, “Sprockets, Silk and Savages”, by Killarney Sheffield…

Killarney Sheffield is an award-winning, multi-published author of 15 titles. She is a finalist of the “Epic Award” finalist, winner of the “P&E Award”, and a runner up of “The Great Romance Contest”.

Here’s the author giving us a glimpse of what “Sprockets, Silk and Savages” is all about:

Alexandra Evans is a female inventor. Unusual, unconventional, assertive, and definitely not a lady. Lord Weston Grendal is your typical London gentleman. Dependable, stiff, stuffy and out of place in America. When they are thrown together to build a killing machine they must decide if the price of the innocent is worth their own freedom. Together they can re-invent love, but apart? Does love stand a chance?



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