Author Spotlight — Jazz Singh — Interview

RC Bean: How does a typical book get written in your world – what do you start with?

Jazz Singh: An idea. For Only a Dream the theme was betrayal. For Against All Odds, it was class divide. Then came the characters and what they were doing: where they met, how they fell in love, what came in the way, the other characters who helped them along, the obstacles…

RC Bean: How would you compare the protagonist of some of your books with Jazz herself?

Jazz Singh: Jazz was very clear she didn’t want ‘herself’ out there. To that end she took care that every situation and character was fictional. Perhaps if there is anything at all of her in her books, it would be that the women are all independent and liberal. The stories are of those around, adapted and changed, all set up fictitiously.


RC Bean: What classic piece of work do you wish you had written?

Jazz Singh: This has never crossed my mind. Reading is to be enjoyed. I would like to write my own classics!


RC Bean: How do you deal with reviews?

Jazz Singh: I look forward to them. One can hope that each one will be a raving five star review, but the fact is that not everyone enjoys everything. The not-so-good comments make you understand what readers look for and appreciate and what they don’t. But that doesn’t stop me from me writing the way I want to or telling the story I have in my head.


RC Bean: How important are promotion and marketing for an author?

Jazz Singh: More important than the writing apparently, going by what one sees out there. One can find some gems that have not had the benefit of the might of marketing and publicity machinery behind them. I understand its value and importance, but am unable to do it beyond a point because frankly, it cuts into my writing time.

RC Bean: What did it take to become a successful author? 🙂

Jazz Singh: Successful? I touched 77 on Amazon one day (not sure how long I stayed at that position :)). How can I answer that question? I wrote a novella that I wanted to write and put in all the ingredients that I thought necessary in a romance. Et voila!


RC Bean: Is there any genre that you would never ever want to write in?

Jazz Singh: Another difficult question. Never say never, as they say. Some things require minimal research and others would require loads of it. Right now, I’m doing the easy thing, the lazy thing. With due diligence anything is a possibility. I wish I could predict what I will never write about.


RC Bean: What awesome books and projects are you working on at the moment?

Jazz Singh: I’m currently on my eleventh. I write because I enjoy it so much. The wise get published and then move to the next. Not me – I plough on. 🙂 So far they are all romance novellas.



  1. Currently on the 11th!!!! Wow Jazz Singh is my kind of role model, I want to follow! Congratulations Jazz and RCB, many thanks for talking to her. Very crisp and nice talk.

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