“Touch us not!” – the parched leaves warn me…

their heat scoffing at my feeble attempts at camaraderie,

and their thorns jeering out loud that I stay away,

they draw my heart out to them…

I inch closer to extend a handshake,

“Ouch!” my pricked fingers stand stunned,

my bleeding skin and eyes bear testimony to the pain…

“Don’t you ever learn?!”, they mock…

Prickiness is your defense, and

ignorance is mine,

I tell them…



  1. There is something similar in this poem and The Hindu: Opinion/Op-Ed in the next post. We live and we learn is a luxury; we live and we never learn, is the fact. Whether it is the pull of the thorn, or the engagement with deeply morbid minds, which seem otherwise, the point is the same: we as humans are drawn to adverse stuff, things that will bring us pain, because, our psychology pushes us to it. We are unable to to find a way out of it and although many times, we know the thorn will prick, we still go ahead to pluck the rose. It is not ignorance, I would think. It is a compulsion. The poem is really beautiful; it sits at the heart of a truth, we can’t deny, not as long as we live or get enlightened 🙂

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