Thitthikkudhe – By Sonore Unison

Music – Rishi S

Vocals – Jaya Vidyasagar

Lyrics – Aisoorya Vijayakumar

Theme Photograph and Cover Art – Karthick Ramalingam

The song is dedicated to all souls that get captivated by the alluring magic wand that nature uses in the form of a rain spell.

This song follows what the mind of a young woman enjoying herself in the rain, sings…

You can also listen to this number here.


thithikkudhe… indha

thitthikkudhe… endhan

vizhunda vizhunda mazhai
thuliyinai eduthu,
vizhikkul vizhikkul siru
siraiyinil adaitthen…

ninaindhu ninaindhu unnai
manadhinil thozhudhu,
magizhndhu magizhndhu ennil
nidham nidham karaindhen…


தித்திக்குதே… இந்த
தித்திக்குதே… எந்தன்

விழுந்த விழுந்த மழை
துளியினை எடுத்து,
விழிக்குள் விழிக்குள் சிறு
சிறையினில் அடைத்தேன்…

நினைந்து நினைந்து உன்னை
மனதினில் தொழுது,
மகிழ்ந்து மகிழ்ந்து என்னில்
நிதம் நிதம் கரைந்தேன்…

Roughly translated, this is what the song tries to convey:

sweet it is to think of you, oh rain!…
I gather the rain drops through my eyes and hold them inside me,
by making my eyes their prison…
I think of you, oh rain, and worship you in my mind,
and just thinking of you makes me so ecstatic that it’s me who melts and not you…


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