Joie de vivre!

This coffee – colloquy session was a thing to remember indeed! One being that this was with my favorite dog with a blog, Kaalicharan, and another being that this dog has never failed to amaze me with his astuteness. With a keen insight on life and its learnings, here is Kaalicharan and his canine words of wisdom…

Photograph Courtesy - Abhishek Joshi

And after a while sooner or later, the epiphany enchants you. Even if it’s for that momentary lapse of reason wherein you let go of rationality and that incessant hunt for greener pastures…you come to terms with your self. You realize that there are no safer avenues but the risky grounds underneath; there is no forever but now; there is no freedom but unchaining one’s own self; there is no home for wherever you wander, you take your thoughts along…thoughts which construe the world as you see it— colored like a fairy tale or the colossal crumbling ruins of an archaic world.

‘There are stories within stories, whispered in the quiet of the night, shouted above the roar of the day, and played out between lovers, enemies, strangers and friends. But all, all are fragile things made of just 26 letters arranged and rearranged…’

— Neil Gaiman

Being a dog, I have been out there in the wild, seen streets up close and personal, and I’ve paid due attention to what you would call the mundane — the blink and you would miss moments that you pass by without a second glance like a plastic bag caught in a whirl of wind!

I hope you too begin to see the magic in the mundane. For life, quite like love, goes like tenants that quit without warning.

Breathe in the moment!

joie de vivre!



  1. The video capture is quite good! Yes, our lives are like the plastic bag, floating and rolling along, blown by the winds of time. Yet, in the midst of it all, we do manage a moment or two of joy and celebration. In Delhi, the marriage season has begun. While Bengalis are busy celebrating Bijoya Doshomi with mind you – ROSOGOLLA, the Punjabis are doing their round of ‘ek peg; do leg’ – what am I doing? Somewhere in between, like the plastic bag, floating here, hitting there, etc etc – Enjoying Happy Dussera, do leg! No peg, no rosogolla! You of course, need not follow suit, you may like to go the whole hog with Happy Dussera 2013, ROSOOGOLLAAAAH! N-joy 🙂

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