Movie Review – Hancock


Hancock – an action-drama-adventure medley.


Stars Will Smith, Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman.


Released on Jun 16, 2008.

How did the movie fare?

Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 40 % rating on its tomatometer. The movie had mixed reviews across the film fandom, as evident from its reviews at Film Critic and The Critical Critics.

Did I like it?

At points, ‘Yes’ but mostly, ‘No’. Super-smart plot, focusing on the downside of being a superhero. The thanklessness of the job and loneliness of such a life are brought out well. Smith, as Hancock, has done a commendable job, as has Jason Bateman, as the lovable Ray. They have the audience in splits at many points of hilarity. But apparently the director either got carried away with his booze-laden superhero story, or decided to tackle it like how a clueless treasure hunter would move around in a mine-studded island. The movie gets annoyingly boring from the point where they try to infuse the idea of superhero soul mates into your mind. May be worth a watch, when you are in a very forgiving mood.


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