Book Review – Nilamellam Ratham


Nilamellam Ratham – a political history book in Tamil, talking about the onset of Israel-Palestine conflict.


Written by P. Raghavan, who has several political compilations to his credit, including the famous “Dollar Desam.”


Published in December 2005.

How did the book fare?

The book is a compilation of Raghavan’s Nilamellam Ratham series, which was featured in Kumudham Reporter. The series was an astounding succes, that making the components of the series into a book was a welcome boon to Raghavan fans.

Did I like it?


‘A critical analysis of the Israel-Palestine situation by someone who is neither a Jew, nor a Muslim, nor a Christian,’ claim fans of the book. And it is indeed an educative and informative account on how things started and how they stand where they are today. It throws a lot of light on the happenings, starting from the pre-Christian era. What’s endearing about the book is the fact that it’s written in simple conversational tones and one really gets the feel of listening to a historian live.



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