Movie Review – Shaitan

Movie: Shaitan

Directed By: Bejoy Nambiar

Written By: Megha Ramaswamy and Bejoy Nambiar

Cast: Rajit Kapoor, Rajeev Khandelwal, Kalki Koechlin, Pawan Malhotra, Shiv Pandit, Gulshan Devaiya, Neil Bhoopalam, and Kirti Kulhari

Genre: Dark – Contemporary – Drama – Thriller

The movie revolves around the lives and times of a cosmo-dwelling fivesome and an upright no-nonsense cop. Treading on dangerous territories of talking about the ugly underbelly of the Indian police system and the devastating upper middle-class recklessness, this movie has a nice screenplay but a slackening plot.

The similarity brought out in the five youngsters is that, despite varied pasts and harassing situations, they all resort to mindless carelessness and unthinking brutality. Their needs are unreasonable and their pursuits, predominantly immoral and disgusting. They stumble into committing a murder and try desperate measures to wriggle out of it. What they fail to foresee is being tracked down by a straight-focused honest and ruthless cop. What happens when the right meets the crooked, is what the movie is about.

Bejoy Nambiar, who made heads turn when he won Ashok Amritraj’s “Gateway to Hollywood” movie-making contest, has struck gold with this brilliant flick. He is here to stay, no doubts, because he has what it takes to deliver a punch on the head – a memorable one at that. His skills in having turned a weakling storyline into a gripping tale are laudable. He is a remarkably sharp-witted film maker, and he has sculpted the scenes with great care. I particularly admired the beautiful depiction of the softer emotions in the movie – such as the point where the young cop’s wife shows, just in her eyes, her regret for having separated from him.

The lead cast and support cast deserve a big applause. They stand etched out in the memory and each actor’s character portrayal, however minor it may seem on the screen, is par excellence. It adds to one’s enjoyment that there are no unrealistic heroics in the movie, nor is there a single glorified role.

Music and background scoring have done the music lovers proud. The background score is especially endearing at some places and rightfully menacing at others.

The movie might have become a must-watch, had it been gifted with a better and stronger storyline. As it is, the movie is watchable only because of the efforts put in by Nambiar and crew.


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