Movie Review – Limitless

Movie: Limitless

Directed By: Neil Burger

Written By: Leslie Dixon

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller

Budding and struggling writer/author Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is having a hard time getting a life as he suffers from chronic writer’s block and his girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) dumps him. His life takes a new turn, when his ex-brother-in-law introduces him to a new drug, NZT, that lets people utilize 100% of their brain capacity, as against the usual 20%. The catch is revealed when Morra realizes that NZT has neither been tested nor approved by the FDA, but the lure for a better life overcomes his apprehension and he succumbs to the temptation to take the drug. Before he realizes, he is a hapless addict to the drug, but that only adds to his upcoming, as he is hired by top-notch businessman Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro). Morra soon learns that his ex-wife had been a victim of the same drug and that had ruined her life. How Morra faces his addiction struggle from then on, and at the same time, keep his life in order and does not end up a failure again, is what the movie is about.

Based on the novel by Alex Glynn, this movie treads precariously on the thin line of a gripping plot that has to be narrated in less than 90 minutes. The visual effects are remarkably well-handled. Burger proves to be a movie maker worth an applaud, and he is aided ably by Cooper as the protagonist. Cooper splendidly portrays the transformation from a raving writer bordering on mania to a senator, running for presidency. Cooper’s homework in efficiently handling different languages from Italian to Mandarin Chinese is laudable. De Niro is needless to say, as good an actor as ever. Screenplay could have been paid more attention to. Beyond a point the scene twists get predictable. But the movie still gives you an hour and a half of time well-spent.

Worth a watch!


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