Book Review – Darkfall

Book: Darkfall

Written By: Dean Koontz

Genre: Supernatural – Horror

The book freely and openly canvasses on the powers and demerits of Voodoo, and if you are someone who scoffs at anything supernatural and of the dark cults like Voodoo, it would pay to keep away from this book. That stated, one should also admit that the book does cover deeper viewpoints on life and soul – the privileges one gets in leading a righteous life and the perils one faces in possessing any of the dark vices, such as greed, hatred, fear, and so on.

The lives of NY cop Jack Dawson, his partner, and his children unravel a series of murders of vengeance by a nearly insane Voodoo sorcerer, practising black magic, termed as a Bocor. With his virtues, limited ammunition, and a white magic priest as his aides, Dawson needs to stop the Bocor from wreaking further havoc. How Dawson accomplishes this and how goodness prevails, is what the book is all about.

The plot is suffocatingly weak and Koontz’s brilliant writing style does little to engage the reader.

Not worth a read, unless one is a die-hard fan of Dean Koontz, or is a practitioner of Voodoo! 🙂


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