Moments and realizations – Guest Post by Lakshmi Dinamoni

Lakshmi Dinamoni has been this comrade and friend who has proved true the age-old adage – “solid friendship doesn’t need years of acquaintance…” I’ve known her for just a little over a few months, but that has in no way marred the depth of good friendship that I’ve found in her… We’ve had our share of arguments, tiffs, debates, and what not… And all of these have served to show me who she really is to me and how reliable she could be in times of adversity.

Lax chechi, thanks for taking time off to write for the coffee bean blog 🙂 And I wish and hope we stand by each other, in good times and bad…

Moments and realizations

Photograph Courtesy - Rashmi Nair

I really dislike filling out personal data forms and their questions about one’s self. Whenever I come across such a question I look up and ask, ‘Duh?! Do you think I will be where I am if I had known the answers to all these questions?’.

Recently I had to fill in a personal data form and one of the category in that form was to list at least one negative aspect about myself. The coward that I am, I have never looked that deep into myself. So, I thought of flipping through the various feedback points I had received from different people during various stage of my life. And, I was discussing my findings with a friend of mine.

Me : I am not great with guarding emotions. Whatever I feel immediately reflects on my face making it visible to others.

Him : Why do you want to compartmentalize things into good or bad? Why can’t you just leave things as they are? In fact, why do you want to categorize ANYTHING at all?

These questions propelled an entire chain of thoughts in me. That was when I realized, I have this urge to categorize everything around me into the good or the bad bucket. And worse, I am instilling the same thing into my child – this is not a good behavior, that is a bad way of doing thing, and so on. And then it dawned upon me that I am being crushed by the pressure of being in the good bucket.

And the moment I realized that, the compartments vanished and all the items fell on the ground in a huge pile. And honestly friends, from that day onwards – my life became simple and I am enjoying this new outlook on life 🙂

Lax chechi, lovely, crisp, but thought-provoking words. 🙂

And I could think of no picture to adorn this post other than the gifted and multi-talented Rashmi Nair’s brilliant composition with these daffodils and those poignant words. And the sweet soul that she is, she agreed to help me immediately the moment I told her about my confusion over the photograph for this post. Thanks Rashmi chechi. 🙂



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