Who Rides Your Chariot? – Guest Post by Rishi S

This has been one Coffee and Colloquy session that I have been looking forward to… for a long time. Rishi, a multifaceted good friend of mine yielded to my pestering and agreed to share his thoughts on the coffee bean blog. He chose to write about one taking control of one’s life…

I am under strict instructions from Rishi to not use up this space to speak anything about his feats, and so I don’t have the liberty to state here that Rishi is a genius of a composer and his compositions have earned him a big fandom out there in the music world. I am sure he also doesn’t want me to talk about his record label, Sonore Unison, which, with many hits up its sleeve, is moving on the fast track towards gaining a celebrity record label status soon.

So, Rishi, I have complied by the orders and I have not really used up this column to talk about your achievements, you see… 🙂

Over to Rishi and his enthralling thoughts…

Who Rides Your Chariot?Photograph Courtesy – Gaurav Patil

Scene 1

Long shot at a huge cloud of dust on a vast ground of land. Chariots charging in all directions as if they are all searching for their destination. Some of these chariots are focused and charging towards a specific direction, some keep changing directions very as if they are lost, some are going in circles, some have halted and some have fallen.

Scene 2

Zoom close to one of the chariots. Its being ridden by something which looks like a wild restless beast. The scene freezes at a close up shot of this beast. On screen text shows up with voice narration:

These beasts have been known to exist ever since mankind came into existence. They are very good at being trained to go in the direction that their master wants. However, if they are not controlled by the master, they will go in any direction that they want. History shows that if left uncontrolled they usually go in the direction that the master does not  want to. They don’t have an intention  of being good or bad by themselves. They just have the natural tendency to go in the wrong direction if not trained to go on the right one.

Scene 3

De-freeze and continue scene 2 – zoom close to a chariot which is going wild in all directions. Focus moves to the master. He seems to have no control over the beast. He falls to the left , wakes up, falls to the right , wakes up , screams, jumps….scene moves towards a chariot which appears to go in a certain direction but keeps changing direction very often. The master seems to take control every time he falls. When the chariot bumps on to a hurdle, he loses control but the beast riding the chariot will not stop. It takes him in  random directions. He gets mad, screams, jumps, takes control, back in the right direction. The cycle repeats.

Scene 4

Focus moves to a chariot which is heading in a specific direction as if it knows where it wants to reach.  Scene zooms close on the master of this chariot. The confident look on his face says he knows where he wants to reach. He has  complete control over his chariot. He realizes the beast riding his chariot is his slave.  He instructs it on which direction to go, when to take a turn, when to go slow, when to go faster and when to stop. He feels good riding the chariot because he knows where he wants to go and how to control his beast. He enjoys his ride. He feels good at every destination that he reaches. He continues to move on. While the chariots in scene 3 appeared like they were in a war zone, this chariot appears like it is taking a relaxing ride on a pleasant sunny day.

End credits scroll up

The Master  – You

The Beast      – Your Mind

The Chariot  – Your Life

…. And who rides your chariot?

Rishi… An absolute stunner!!! Left me speechless there.

My thanks to my friend Gaurav Patil for lending his brilliant photography skills to enliven this conversation visually.



  1. Yes, surprisingly enchanting, I would say. After a whole nights talk with my latest obsession, I know, I love too much and sometimes its all over the place. Thus, I have to confess, I get a tight whack from my latest flame, whenever, I trespass my boundaries. So dear over the top, do overlook and offend not if I am over the top some time. It is in the nature Riding my chariot of desirable words, 20,000 by now! Woohoo! AND, most important delete NOT! 🙂

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