Let’s Bring BQC back!

When I first learnt of the Bring BQC Back movement, the first thing that struck my mind was deep despair. In an age when most of the shows that are broadcast today on our regular Indian channels, irrespective of whether they are reality or recorded shows, impart nothing else but pre-mature filth into young minds and have made the quality of Indian television stoop down to an all-time low, it’s a great pity that a show as watch-worthy as the BQC needs awareness measures to be brought back to life.

BQC always forms a very colorful and vibrant part of my nostalgia. Friday evenings, a mad rush back from school, the apartment kids’ unofficial assembly much to the annoyance of the helpless moms, the BQC show on TV, a bated-breath-wait for Derek O’Brien’s entry, eager applause for those participants on TV, a quick scramble decision-making session to decide which team to support, a much louder applause when the guest for the day is announced, and a final collective shreik of excitement when the favorite team wins… Man!!! Could life have got any better than that?!! I still remember the healthy competition it brought out between me and my friends: we pretty much had our own BQC session at home. Now that I think about it, those sessions went a long way in instilling a keen alacrity in us and improved our concentration and memory powers by heaps and bounds.

I am really dumbstruck when I think of why they stopped the show. The show could have served generations of children now and later to enhance their learning skills and help the children to eventually turn out to be very agile in whatever they are or would be doing. I really would be delighted if the BQC returned – better for this and every other generation to come.

The profusion of shows that clutter today’s TV are taken to mean variety and superior show-making. What we all fail to realize is that the actual content of a lot of the stuff they show on TV today is mediocre to say the least and quite terrible to spit out the actual truth. They seek only to entertain, and not motivate any amount of learning. There may be genuine exceptions to what I am talking about, but the very fact that those exceptions are not prevalent, should make us admit some home-truths and act before it’s too late. I think, like always, we should look at history to replicate success and engineer learning at the same time. An immediate example that comes to the mind was the way the Bournvita Quiz Contest was structured: student participants were asked quiz questions by a dynamic host. But it served its purpose so beautifully because it served to entertain and educate at the same time: edutainment at its best! A celebrity was roped in on every show to add to the element of excitement, while the question-answer session took care of the knowledge-gaining segment. Now that’s the ideal kind of show that kids need today: interactive learning on a mass scale.

A lot of like-minded folks, hell-bent upon reviving the BQC have got together to start this Bring BQC Back movement. Derek O’Brien has joined this movement and has written to Cadbury about this too. And now its time we do our parts in taking this movement ahead and bringing back intelligent viewing on television.

I definitely want BQC back – And if you do too, do join the movement!
Anyone is welcome on board there – anyone who has watched or heard of the show, who likes to quiz & who wants to turn wise! The goal is to Bring BQC back.

The fandom that this movement has got on Facebook is stunning. It shows sheer solidarity in taking this movement to another level! This started off about 3 months ago and the response they have got has been amazing, with more than 148,000 people wanting BQC Back. It started off as something simple – an experiment of sorts. They are also sending out banners to people who want them – I learnt that quite a few bloggers and website owners have written in to them, asking for their banners.

Let’s start the golden days of BQC again!

If you wish to host a BQC banner or if you have any suggestions on how we can spread this movement together you can email them on bringbqcback@gmail.com!


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