God(forsaken) Land!

The hype and jittery tremors doing the rounds about tomorrow’s much-awaited and equally much-deferred Ayodhya verdict is the trending conversation topic in most forums today I am sure.

Looking at this brilliant piece of haiku work by my writer-photographer friend Karthick Ramalingam, I couldn’t help being reminded of the actual spirituality in ruins, being trampled around with the current Ayodhya issue. I am sure the super powers, if watching this from above, would be as puzzled as the rest of us as to what end purpose would all this fighting achieve.

நாளை முடிவு!
எந்த மதத்தவராக இருந்தாலும்,
கலகத்தில் மரணிப்பது மனிதமே…

Needless to say, I liked the lines a lot and started to translate for the benefit of those unable to read and understand Tamil. But what I ended up with was a scribble in English inspired from Karthick’s lines, but actually resonating differently. Here it goes:

The dawn awaits the verdict on (de)parted divinity.

To which Gods should the twilight pray for peace,

As it anxiously witnesses minutes tick in terror?!



  1. WOW!! Amazing lines… religion and caste and creed and whatever tangible divisions or segments that can be found are man-made. None of these were intended by the Creator! Sad… 😦

  2. Does any one care that some obscure, Mir Baqri demolished a temple and built a mazjid to make his Emperor happy!!

    The demolition in 1992, was politically motivated then and the verdict is politically motivated now!

    I think it’s up to us to behave responsibly.

  3. God save our country from those narrow minded politicians .. the whole thing started just because of them … and as purba said the verdict was politically motivated … …this diplomatic verdict could have been given long back .. whats the use of waiting so loong.
    anyways I knew this part of the world isn;t going to get affected at all because of the verdict.. 🙂

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