True Beauty

“Show me the world” says the moon…
Her shimmering splendour
and brilliant glow
take my breath away
from time to time…

The dark sky,
a place where oblivion outranks darkness,
brightens up with her beacon glances …

“why doesn’t she ever leave earth’s side,
why doesn’t she stray away?”
I wonder…
“She is wedded to him,” says one atom in my brain
“Nay, a wedding ring can’t be strong enough
to tie her to him,” says another…
“she’s his mother,” says the third…
“his daughter,” says the fourth…

What celestial ties may bind
these transiting souls, I do not know…
But what I can see is the adoring gaze
she casts him,
who, with bluish green eyes,
stares back at her amidst puffs of smoke…

Sweeter than the sweetest dream,
she shares her light for all to see
wandering with a wanderer,
being eternally at peace with whatever is given…

Looking at her beauty, so profound,
so helpless I feel…
When she’s around,
most of my wounds heal…
In her everlasting shadows
my heart seems to hang deep…
My mind surrenders always
to her sanctity…



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