Dancing with the stars!

It’s a starry night…
White snips blushing
for being seen by the world
with not a floating screen
to veil their faces…
Golden nuggets scattered amidst
diamond twinklers…
all beaded on black velvet…
White turning gold from the blush within,
or gold going pale from the cold without?
Where did it all begin?
Nights of sleepless school study flood back into the mind…
A tiny star goes bang and leaves a legend…
A star so old…
If only the star was alive
for truth to be told…
Would she have been scared
coming to the end of her days?
Thinking of dying and shrinking fast…
but going out in a blaze of glory
proving the universe wrong on thinking
that to be the end of the story…
Creating life at the moment of her death
Laying seeds of you and me…
So, direct star material aren’t we?
She’s seen in everything everywhere
gifting the vast emptiness of space
with a whole new entity…
I stand still
captivated by the thought of this
never-ending trail…
to which we all add our share…
a bit here and a bit there…
ending at what looks like nowhere
but what’s actually a point
for someone else to take over…
From now on when I look up at the sky
I won’t feel small and trivial
I’m playing a magnificent part in a play
Too profound in meaning and
outside the bounds of my comprehension
the play might be…
but I get comforted by the fact
that I’m a strong link, holding the
chain together…



    1. Thanks a lot buddy. 🙂 And I’m still waiting for you to complete that – we are the children of the universe..unless..??? 🙂

  1. Yup, in some way we all are, holding the chain together, yet, if we drop out, the play will still go on! An important reason to believe that nobody is indispensable and yet, everybody may not be a part of the play all the time. Life’s lessons come in a bundle of truths – always!

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