Dreams entangled with hopelessness lie naked in my path.picture121

Though the dead hound takes up a place dissolving into obscurity,

the road seems drenched in black.

Run-over by a speeding high-way monster,

the glassy eyes frozen from the final moments of frenzied terror,

the body now a mass of vacant cells in the pool of blood,

the vision sends heart-warming chills down my spine.

Crow cries pierce the air.

‘Here is a life that’s no more!’ I tell myself.

Not cared for… not asked about…

The scene plays host to the bustle of motor life.

Rusting engines not halting for rotting cells!

From the limp tail, dangles a past never heard of.

My eyes score the sky for eagles, but in vain.

‘Na’, I remind myself, ‘The eagles are too busy!’

Swooping down to get hold of unsuspecting fleshy victims,

why would they take notice of a highway canine tragedy?




  1. At times I feel why is everyone so insensitive and so indifferent. Nice of you to have penned a few words on this subject which no one speaks of, even if we come across ever so frequently.

    1. Thanks… Unfortunately, I have to admit I may have done the same many times, succumbing to our regular evils that take precedence over everything else – time and work…

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