A legacy to cherish – Desiderata

I still remember the day when I entered college  – July 23 2000. It was a normal day alright, if one could ignore the thumping in my heart – it was so loud I was afraid the girl next to me in the assembly hall could hear it.

There is one point which has made that day stand out clearly etched in my memory. My dad dropped me at the college gates, and gave me a letter and a laminated sheet.  I knew for sure I would never remember what I wore to college that day, how the weather was, how many other hapless girls were moving around, or most other things. But I knew for certain I would never ever forget my dad’s words or the how deep his eyes were, that moment. “I know you’ll not let me down,” he said with a smile in his eyes.

Here is what he gave me that day. His letter had very few lines but was hand-written by him in recycled paper and I regret not being able to use the photograph of his own writing. But I still have given his lines, not changing a word, followed by Desiderata – his laminated gift for me.

Love you appa! 🙂



  1. hi

    You are so lucky…i had to find my own ways to get inspiration..there was no one to drop me and there was no one to pick me. No one to encourage me during a crisis and no one to tell me how to go about things. i just have to say god has got me here. I envy you..dear sis 😀


  2. Hey.. those are lovely lines for one who is on the threshold of college life! Just apt 🙂
    And you’ve been lucky to get this legacy from your appa!! thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree Priya… 🙂 I’ve been lucky… I have to admit I didn’t understand those lines all at once… but as I grow older, I seem to understand them better and better…

  3. That was a real touching one Ais.. Thts the best letter I have personally come across from any dad… Am sure it must have made a world of difference on the first day of college.. 🙂

  4. If i my dad did something like this, i would have yelled at him “dad! why are you so sentimental?” Thank god my dad did not do something like this. I even hated he coming for my college admission. How many times have you cherished these moment? only when you are in pain or only when you hate someone right? When you are in pain you will think how nice was my dad was right? But these moments instead of giving relief to the current painful moment it adds up. Love is always directly proportional to pain. The more you realize you love your dad or your dad loves you the more pain you have to go through. I would prefer if he did something funny on that day which can make you laugh.

    1. Absolutely… but such preferences vary from person to person… for me, something funny or humorous is ephemeral… had my dad said something funny, it would have made me laugh out loud at that moment, but it wouldn’t have made me recall that after years… I would prefer to have an emotionally fulfilling moment, rather than a short-lived laugh…

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