Scent of a Woman – My favorite scene – Two

People with special abilities are to be admired. While many normally abled people wallow in self-pity and fall victims to i-hate-the-rest-of-the-world disorders, pondering for a moment about the everyday battles that specially abled folks face – and win – certainly fills one up with remorse and humility.

This tango scene from Scent of a Woman is a sure-shot soul-warmer. I found myself involuntarily and spontaneously applauding (much to the bewilderment of my husband, who was watching the DVD along with me!!) at the end of the dance. Al Pacino proves his class effortlessly, in his style, his body language, and the manner in which his expressions convey the challenges a person with such abilities faces and overcomes when dancing Tango – a form of dance that’s considered extremely difficult even for stalwarts, given its split-second precision.



  1. i love these two scenes too…. these two and the suicide attempt… those were the 3 memorable scenes for me..

    i’ll follow ur blog via blogspot follow technique..

    have a good day

    1. I do agree. The suicide attempt scene is a very intense and absorbing scene too. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the right video for that yet. I am hoping to locate it soon.

      Thanks for following my blog.

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