Life hasn’t always been sweet to my mom. She has had to face a lot of competitions and win a lot of battles. I especially remember those days when our financial position was quite a thing that made our well-wishers sigh and our antagonists giggle. It just wasn’t easy for her at all. She slogged through the days with her demanding job, but somehow she pulled it off. She would come home after a tiring and heavy day, fix me and dad dinner, listen to our stories, ease our worries, soothe our injuries, and calm our fears, rarely having any time for herself. I never thought of it much back then, but later it became obvious that we made her life. I remember asking her about it, as to why she made so many sacrifices for us, and her reply was amazing – “Your success will be my greatest achievement.  I would climb the highest mountain and cross the longest river to help you succeed!” At that age, I was baffled and mesmerized with the mention of mountains and rivers and didn’t stop to think beyond that, but now I realize that she meant every word of what she said.

My mom, through her fine example, instilled in me the desire to help others. She could not afford to be the most generous person in the world, many years of her life, given the monetary constraints, but she taught me to notice those who were shunned by others. She pays a lot of attention to those small delights that go a long way in the hearts of most folks – she always opens the door with a smile, answers the telephone with a lot of cheer, always responds with an “I’m fantastic” when asked how she is, always showers people with compliments, never sends a visitor back without a gift (I have always marveled at how she has a gift handy for any guest of any age), always accepts gifts with so much radiance and joy that the giver feels like being on seventh heaven, never hesitates to be the first to say sorry to anyone – even her 2 year old niece, and the list is literally endless.

I saw the depth of her devotion and love only recently. But from the moment I did understand her, my attitude andpicture41 actions changed. I went through a phase of awe-filled gaping, at how she could be so selfless, followed by a phase of how I could draw inspiration from her. I geared myself to be strong, courageous, and to deal with problems instead of running away from them. I desperately wanted to push myself to new heights, just to see a smile on her face. Racing towards all my goals became my purpose of life.

She is part of my every victory. Those words that changed my life still keep resonating in my ears. What she did was to give me her shoulders for me to climb on and an opportunity to be great. What I have been trying ever since, has been to take that opportunity and excel with it.

My mom is quite a lady and I am proud of her, not just because I love her to no end, but also because it’s been a royal treat, being her daughter!

Here’s to you maa –

When God made me He must have taken special care

To bless me with treasures precious and rare.

He gave me an angel to guard my skies,

Borrowing a midnight ocean’s depth,

And some stardust to carve her twinkling eyes…

He fashioned her smile with sugar,

And sprinkled her words with some spice…

He gave her some sunny contagious laughter,

And lot many things that are very nice.

He must have undoubtedly smiled when He made me since He knew He had created for me a divine and loving delegate in the shape of my mommy dearest. Here’s wishing her a great mother’s day!

Here’s a gift I made for my mom at Pringoo!



  1. Very beautiful…my eyes are watering… 🙂 Perfect timing for me to read since tomorrow is “Mother’s Day”.

    1. Tammy – Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 And needless to say, happy mother’s day. Your children should be proud of how much a part of their lives you always are.

  2. Touching !!! Very well written. Thanks for reminding me that I owe my life to my mom. She is the best thing to happen to me.

    1. Satya thanks a lot for visiting the blog. 🙂 I am very glad that you liked it. I agree with you that we all owe all that we have accomplished in our lives, to our mothers. If one could get a blessing without asking for it, it’s one’s mom. 🙂

  3. Nice tribute..Moms are special, aren’t they..Our first Idol when we open our eyes in this world..Happy Mothers Day to all Moms in this world..

    1. Hi BullsEye 🙂 Thanks for reading the post. You bet, moms are extra special. Our guardian angels. 🙂

  4. Sant thanks 🙂 How can I ever forget your support in each step forward that I take in my life! First as my friend, and now as my soul mate. 🙂

  5. Hi Priya… Thanks for your motivating words… 🙂 I am a big fan and follower of your blog too. So it’s nice to know you’ve visited my space.

  6. Fantastic Aisoo. Very touching writeup. A wonderful mom and undoubtedly a wonderful daughter.

    Your writing is so great that I am really jealous of you. 🙂

    Keep writing.


  7. Very nicely penned. Also having had the opportunity of spending some time with her can understand the emotions behind it.

    Please Note: Your writing gets better by the day!

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