Deep impact…

As I write this, I am looking at a picture of an imposing iceberg. The photographer surely deserves tons of appreciation for this picture, I feel. Managing to capture the whole iceberg is no easy task, not to mention the fact that it has to be made to appear beautiful at the same time. That said, my mind launches another one of its thought satellites. (Sometimes I myself get tired of such launch pads and resolve, in vain of course, that I’d switch off my thinking cells the next time I chance upon something and that I’d relate to it with only my heart, but that’s never the case.)

Isn’t our vision like that of a ship’s deck looking at an iceberg? Be it a happy incident or a pathetic one, when it happens to us, are we giving the right facet of the incident enough priority? We reel in bliss if something that the mind favors is granted. We float in waves of self-pity and denial when things go wrong… How many seconds do we devote to worry about what the incident itself might imply? In fact, what we are doing is just getting dumbstruck looking at the tip of the iceberg.

Shadows profile

We should essentially remind ourselves that what looms in front of us has a huge chunk that we actually do not see. When we find our gardens blooming and our winters smiling at springs, we should be cautious not to be carried away by the promising breeze. Instead, we ought to know that there’s a lot more in the offing if only we make ourselves worthy of it.

Same way, if we happen to face a crisis, we need to undeniably tell ourselves that we might hit more disaster if we let its sight makes us cower. That’s when our spirits should be geared up with steely will and undeterring faith to swerve past the iceberg.

Let’s look at life keeping the “ice berg” principle in mind and may our tomorrows soar high…

Here’s to a better living!!!


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