Book Review: Big Apple 2 Bites


Before you start, no, you’re not embarking on another one of those universe-encompassing ponderings. You’re talking neither about Isaac Newton nor Adam. You remember how, a month earlier, you were feeling extremely low, having been bogged down by project plans and project tracking documents and efficiency (or rather, the lack of it?!) reports and everything under the sun capable of bogging one down. It was then that your friend cum colleague had shared with you this chat conversation that she had had with two of her SMEs. The enlightening conversation was perfectly illogical and humorous that you couldn’t help having felt cheered up.

Why you had chosen this particularly long and boring piece of introduction to this piece was because, one, you intend to show how tiresome and laugh-less you usually are and how you just burst out cackling on beginning to read “Big Apple 2 Bites” and two, to remind yourself that one of the SMEs in the aforementioned glorious conversation is the author of this book. The reference to a thick skulled hippopotamus in the place of an offshore delivery manager really tickles you to the bones.

You find the writing style very refreshing. To be honest with yourself, the words “from the eyes of a cynic” on the back cover give you the jitters when you start reading the book. You presume that the author is one of those “mister-know-alls” who know everything single thing about life, except how to live it. But you are surprisingly and pleasantly proved wrong. You start looking forward to reading the rest of the book.

To begin with, you are stumped with the author’s style of second person narration. You wonder if the author intends to shift the blame on you with a “your-story-your-problem” shrug, if the book fails miserably. Then as you get used to being addressed as the protagonist of the story, you start reveling in the spotlight – so much so that you feel inclined towards blaming the author for having shared your space with the rest of the characters in the book. The slender black humor manages to enliven the novel, at the same time, staying out of bounds of becoming an annoying overdose. What makes the book irresistible, to say the least, is its reasonably paced storyline, beaded with dry wit.

You can’t help wondering though, why the author has had to resort to the usual geography-based admiration of skin exposure. You’re convinced that the book would have been much better off without any references to both the skin-deep beauty that the protagonist falls for and the so-called allusions to materialistic pleasures of a human life. You also feel you detect an inclination of a mild thread of opinion-based prejudices on and off while sculpting the characters.

You shake yourself free of such nagging sore points at the corner of your mind and tell yourself that the book is a great read, from most of the angles you look at. You conclude that the highest compliment that a seemingly dull person like you can pay this book is this: Rx for laughing out LOUD. 🙂

Here’s to good reading!!!



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