Notes on notes…

I thrive on music…

Music is one of those things
that take our minds away often

Music is a luxury,
that we should all like to indulge in…

Music is something that
seizes our attention and imagination…
not letting go,
until it has had its way…

Music is one of those things,
that helps us find our way
when we feel completely lost…

Music starts deep within us,
and finely defines who we are…

History teaches me that music is
something that people tried
to live without,
at points in their lives,
only to discover
that music was who they were.

Music is both,
a blessing and a curse…

Those touched by music
find themselves with no defense
against it…
they have no choice but
to let it sing itself
through them.

But that has got nothing to do
with why I can’t live without music…
It’s got to do with this:
whom is music for?
it isn’t the exclusive domain
of the extraordinary,
gifted to love music…
music is for anyone
who breathes air…
music is for anyone
who lives…

I thrive on music…



  1. Hey soul sister! That’s a beautiful song I like. Yeah Music is my soul. I love music and I listen to it all day. The best thing is there is always something new to discover, new sounds , new songs to fall in love with, new artists, new composers it’s just incredible. It’s great to see someone else expressing the thoughts I have about music Check out my blog. I have a few posts on music so far and will be writing many more soon.

  2. I can confess that some music can make me want to leave everything and die to myself. I want to wear ocher and renounce the world for it and you ask, whom for? Nee…

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