Letter from a wanna be messiah

Dear God,

(Yes, I know I am good enough to talk to you…)

A very good friend of mine has this for an email signature:

“Life always gives us a second chance”!


· Even if I want to buy it, the question here is, do I live life in such a way the first time that I feel I deserve the second chance?

· If all I would do is stumble and stutter, why need the second chance at all?…
· On the other hand, this phrase really perks me up when I feel ambushed…
· That feeling of not “all is over yet” is on the surface of my thoughts…
· But yes, there is one thing I would want you to listen to…
· Will it be asking for too much to wish that people are taught all lessons and yet made to succeed then and there, instead of making them second-time lucky?
· Where is the hitch in doing that?
· Is it because you believe some lessons are best learned through pain?
· Or is it because you too, like a million spineless souls, rant “it’s the way it has to be”?
· Do you yourself ever think about how absurdly ephemeral the oft-used “everything happens for good” sounds?
· Does it strike you that am not pouring out my angst against you, that I sincerely believe your ways of putting together this jigsaw puzzle that I call “life”?
· I am aware that the pieces of my body, mind, heart, and my being have been ripped apart and I do know you are assembling them and at the end of it, the world is going to get to see a whole “me”…
· But what really tests the limits of my frustration is the fact that my soul is still in a single piece and it gets battered looking at the awry untidiness of its counterparts…

Yours disobediently,



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