An enlightenment a day!

This has been one of those nice mornings, the kind of morning that gives us enough reasons to feel blissfully contented with the way the world is dealing with itself, to feel infinitely secure about how the future would shape up… that kind of morning when everything in life seems so easy and more often than not, when life itself seems so easy! The only blemish on the faces of such mornings is the small lettering I’m able to see on their foreheads: gam zeh ya’avor, meaning, “This too shall pass”. I had been naïve enough till a couple of years ago to presume that those words signify some kind of a good morning wish used in Cameroon! But now I (almost) know what these ageless words of wisdom convey. These words never fail to make my spirits soar very high, at least for a few seconds, on a gloomy day. But they also always manage to mar the beauty of a promising one.

Back to how the morning makes me feel… Walking to work, I see a middle-aged man hanging on with all his soul to the leash on his doggie’s neck. ‘Is the dog leashed or is the human?’ I wonder… To me it seems more like a desperate attempt on the part of the dog’s master, to cling with all his might onto something that’s elusive, lest he should be left stranded with nothing to call his own when his time on Earth ends, something like staring intently at a candle when forced to stay in a dark room, as if the unwavering stare would make one dissolve into the realms of the candle, thus making one’s surroundings illuminated…

I observe in curiosity the familiar sights of cars being washed by people with so much of dedication and unswerving attention, making me think if this is some kind of salvation for these people or if this is just an instrument for them to escape from whatever it is they want to escape from, even if for a short span of time…

I watch in fascination as a couple of children make artworks out of wet mud and clay, with their mother hollering in the background… I very badly want to tell her to let them be as they are and let them do what they are doing… ‘It surely pays to mould and shape clay, as it might, with not many exceptions, make one feel Divine… Making their efforts into something of a visual treat is one of the rare luxuries that children enjoy… In all probabilities they might not even have the power to shape their destinies the way they want to… So let them bask in the warmth of this moment and let them believe that they are powerful Creators,’ I want to tell her.

Then this sight catches my sight… a mother walking with two of her children, carrying another, being scrutinized by the ruthless glare of the morning sun… I am unable to take my eyes away from that crusade of four… The mother throwing admonishing glances at the Sun as if reproaching him for not sparing her children from his rays… The despair on her face when she realizes that she can’t stop the Sun from hitting her children after all… The pleading prayers in her eyes as she wraps her hands around them, hoping that this would somehow miraculously keep their tiny bodies cool… The proud relief dancing on her face when she wishfully thinks that she can always shield her children from being tormented, by the Sun, by anybody, as long as she is by their side… The two kids walking on both sides of their mother, barely being able to refrain themselves from shirking off their mother’s protective fingers on them and running along as fast as they can and as far away as they can… the youngest one, a toddler, wide-eyed wonderment evident on his face, awe-struck when encountering the truth that his house isn’t the only Heaven in the world, and his mother, not the only Goddess…

I smile in spite of myself without even realizing it at first… Then I say to myself, ‘These everyday enjoyments are what make life worth living most of the time… as long as these don’t die down, enlightenments would never be sparse’. I march ahead, my mind fragrant, my heart cheerful, my eyes shining, my limbs energetic, and my whole being refreshed, to face another day, to overcome another challenge…

Here’s to a better living!!!



  1. Well, this is very interesting: you actually have the time and inclination to watch the things around you, even as you walk to work. I am like, can’t see anything, like a horse with blinders. Rather depressing to think people have so many children. What do they do with them? Why can’t they just have one, set one free, and leave one to the dogs! I mean, the last is a great suggestion, if I may add. Remember Mawgli? He had more fun with his jungle mates than he could have ever had with junglee human beings!

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